FSU:::: London_euroGraphica Summer 2004


Showcasing students projects, collaborations, experiments and anything else we could think to put on the web from our Summer2004 EuroGraphic_design program in London. We had 14 students, three workshop classes, a bunch of visiting artists, and tons of field trips. Check out the work by following the links below!


Typographenia VS. MediaWorkshop

Digital Photographic Workshop

Collaborative Mapping Project: Neasden Control Center and FSU design students

EuroGraphica04 Design BLOG. A student contributed BLOG with many submissions.

Professors for the timeperiod were:::::

Conrad Gleber
Gail Rubini
Scott Groeniger
In collaboration with:
Neasden Control Centre
Thomas Heatherwick Studio
Matt Rappaport
BD4D:::Ryan Carson
Zsuzi Peck
John Marshall
MAGMA Bookcenter
Belinda Phillpot
David Gleber


The City of Paris...

for 48 hours of
total design insanity.
Links to the websites of places we visited...and are likely to visit in the future:::::
The Tate Modern
The Design Museum
The Imperial War Museum
White Chapel Gallery
Victoria and Albert Museum
Electra Studios
Palais de Tokyo [paris]
Centre Pompidou [paris]
The Regent's Park
Brixton Academy
Magma Booksellers
Musee du Louvre [paris...obviously]
Serpentine Gallery
The British Museum
The Slade School
Saatchi Gallery
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